Quick Answer: What Is The VSCO Style?

What makes a VSCO girl list?

The Ultimate VSCO Girl Gift GuideReusable Straws.

They’ll love hitting up Starbucks using this set of collapsible straws in pastel shades.


Insulated Water Bottle.

Stickers Set.

Facial Spray.

Rainbow Puka Shell Set.

Polaroid Camera Film.

Lip Balm Set.More items…•Mar 2, 2021.

Why do VSCO girls say Sksksk?

“Sksksksk” is a phrase that’s mostly typed, sort of like mashing your keyboard as an exclamation. It can stand in for laughter, or express awkwardness, or be the same as an “OMG.” It’s sort of like saying “I can’t even” if it were still 2013. As far as keyboard mashes go, it’s a good one.

Most users started using the VSCO as a simple editing tool. However, most individuals have started using the platform as their main source of inspiration because it allows them to add unique and interesting filters that can make even the simple photos interesting.

Do people still use VSCO 2020?

VSCO is a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that enables users to edit photos using preset filters and editing tools. But it is also a social network. … The app has been around since 2011, but only recently started making headlines. It now has 40 million monthly users and 20 million weekly active users.

What does Sksksk stand for?

express amazement, shock or excitementWhat does “sksksk” mean? One of the most popular phrases used among those who identify as VSCO girls is “sksksk,” which is used to express amazement, shock or excitement, according to Know Your Meme.

What is a VSCO boy?

Definition: A VSCO boy can be a boy who uses the app VSCO, the male counterpart to VSCO girls, or an ideal VSCO boyfriend. A VSCO boy can be a boy who uses the app VSCO, the male counterpart to VSCO girls, or an ideal VSCO boyfriend. … A VSCO girl is someone whose lifestyle matches the aesthetics of the VSCO app.

Is VSCO an insult?

By summer 2019, the term VSCO girl spread as a slang insult online as more social videos on YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms stereotyped her as an obsessively trendy, vain young woman. … The terms sksksk and I oop are also associated with the stereotypical VSCO girl.

What does VSCO stand for?

What does VSCO stand for? VSCO stands for Visual Supply Company. It is an app that was created in California in 2011. It allows users to capture photos and edit them with preset filters and tools.

Who started the VSCO girl trend?

The whole idea of a VSCO girl got its start in a way that people who were in college when Facebook was invented (e.g., me) have trouble grasping. VSCO is a photo editing app known for its artier images, Nicki Clark, a 20-year-old student from Butler University explained to me on the phone.

How can a girl dress like a VSCO?

According to Urban Dictionary, to qualify as a VSCO girl you must:Wear an oversized T-shirt with Nike shorts or a tube top and jean shorts.Wear Vans, Crocs or Birkenstock shoes.Wear a shell necklace.Always have a Hydro Flask and a scrunchie (or dozens if you believe the memes)Oct 10, 2019

Why is it called E girl?

Origins. The terms “e-girl” and “e-boy” are derived from “electronic boy” and “electronic girl”, due to their association with the internet. “E-girl” was first used, in the late-2000s, as an objectifying pejorative against women perceived to be seeking out male attention online.

Which Hydro Flask is VSCO?

2. Hydro Flask water bottle. One of the most telling indicators of a VSCO girl is her brightly colored Hydro Flask — a vacuum insulated stainless-steel water bottle — which she will inevitably be toting and sipping from across social media.

How can I be an E girl?

To be an e-girl is to exist on a screen, mediated. You know an e-girl by her Twitch presence or the poses she makes on her Instagram, not by what she wears to school.