Question: Can Only A Prime Kill A Prime?

How old is Megatron human years?

megatron mid 40’s early 50’s,kup in his 80’s,wheelie about 6 or 7 (or at least an equivalent to a midget)…

Who is the strongest transformer?

UnicronA being of pure corruption, Unicron is the strongest Transformer there is. In some of the comics continuities, Unicron doesn’t just eat planets, but travels the multiverse in order to devour entire universes.

Who is the weakest Autobot?

For this list, we’ve explored the Transformers roster and found the 16 Worst Autobots Of All Time, Ranked.8 The Dinobots (G1 cartoon) … 7 Repugnus. … 6 Cheetor. … 5 Botanica. … 4 Seaspray. … 3 Nightscream. Unfortunately, you did indeed read that wrong. … 2 Blurr. Blurr does things fast. … 1 Wheelie. You all remember Wheelie.More items…•Apr 3, 2017

Why did Megatron kill Jazz?

Jazz attacked Megatron in order to cover the escape of several fleeing humans, but all he got for his trouble was being blasted by the Decepticon’s fusion cannon. … two!” and he tore Jazz in half. He managed to keep Decepticon out of the battle until Optimus arrived, at a heavy cost.

Who killed Solus Prime?

MegatronusTheir disagreement eventually grew into a full-fledged fight after Megatronus killed her pet, which had secretly been recording Solus Prime’s actions. In the chaos, Megatronus fired the Requiem Blaster without thinking, fatally wounding Solus Prime.

What was Megatron’s original name?

The original Megatronus, better known as the Fallen, was one of the original Thirteen Primes created by Primus. Megatronus betrayed his creator by siding with Primus’ dark twin, the malevolent planet-eater Unicron.

Is Optimus Prime An original prime?

The original Optimus Prime, nicknamed “13” as his name was erased from the Covenant of Primus, was created by Primus. He abandoned his title of Prime for a civilian life as Orion Pax. The Autobot Optimus Prime was Orion Pax with the Matrix.

Who killed Optimus Prime?

Transformers Animated It’s a new record! In the third part of the Animated pilot, “Transform and Roll Out!”, Optimus Prime dies after his battle with Starscream. Like the Generation One Prime before him, he turns gray upon dying. Seventy-five seconds later, Sari Sumdac uses the mysterious Key to revive him.

Is Earth a Unicron?

Traditionally, Unicron not only isn’t Earth, but it’s not actually a planet at all. Instead, the concept, first introduced in 1986’s animated Transformers: The Movie, was something that originally looked like a planet, but turned out to be a massive Transformer himself. … It’s a planet.)

How did Sam Witwicky die?

It’s a weirdly anticlimactic ending, but until we hear otherwise from Michael Bay or the inevitable Transformers 6, this is now canon: The Witwicky family was killed by a rogue tornado.

Why can only a prime kill fallen?

Optimus is the only Prime left although he is not as strong as his ancestors, and that is why when he came back, he needed Jetfire’s parts to defeat The Fallen. There are 2 versions to it: first is that, it’s their nature law, that if you are a Prime no one can defeat you unless he(it)’s another Prime.

How did Megatron kill Optimus Prime If only a Prime can kill a prime?

In Prime, Megatron was beaten down by Optimus Prime and other Autobots and left for dead until Unicron once again came along and revived him thus turning him again into Galvatron. One can’t exist without the other.

Why do fallen hate humans?

Just as they had completed construction of the Star Harvester, The Fallen discovered a primitive race of hunters. The Primes invoked their rule of the sanctity of life and refused to activate the Harvester, but The Fallen despised the humans as simple insects and attempted to activate the Harvester.

Who is Megatron’s girlfriend?

Carly SpencerIn Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Carly Spencer, depicted as British due to her portrayal by British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, is Sam’s girlfriend, with whom he lives….Transformers Cinematic Universe.Carly SpencerFirst appearanceTransformers: Dark of the MoonLast appearanceTransformers: Dark of the Moon12 more rows

Who built Unicron?

PrimacronRetellings. The first origin given for Unicron was given in Season 3 of The Transformers cartoon, years before Simon Furman came up with Primus. In the cartoon, Unicron was created by Primacron, an ancient mad scientist of similar size and shape to a monkey, who built him to wipe the universe clean of life for him.

Who is the weakest Decepticon?

These are the 15 Worst Decepticons Of All Time, Ranked.8 Astrotrain.7 Rippersnapper.6 Horri-Bull.5 Blot.4 Cyclonus (Armada)3 Reflector.2 Megatron (RID)1 Dispensor.More items…•Apr 18, 2017

How old is Optimus?

Nathan (born: 2000 [age 20-21]), better known online as Optimus (also known as Lil’ Optimus or OptimusGames, formerly ROBLOXandcovid), is an American commentary YouTuber, Rapper and streamer.

Who is the strongest prime?

15 Most Powerful Primes In Transformers1 Primus. Primus is the ultimate Prime.2 Primon. This is where things start to get a bit confusing. … 3 Prima. The original Thirteen were great and all, but they were not created at the same time. … 4 Primal Prime. … 5 Optimus Primal. … 6 Nova Prime. … 7 Nemesis Prime. … 8 Nexus Prime. … More items…•Mar 7, 2017

Why did Optimus Prime kill Megatron?

Optimus prime killed Megatron because of his unorthodox ways of liberating Cybertron from the tyrannical claws of Sentinel Prime. Optimus Prime killed Megatron because he was willing to go to any length to remove Sentinel Prime.

Is fallen a prime?

The Fallen, formerly known as Megatronus, is one of the Seven Primes, founder of the Decepticons, and the master of his apprentice Megatron. … He is the main decepticon/antagonist of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Is Megatron Optimus Prime’s brother?

No, in the film Megatron refers to Prime as brother, but this refers back to Cybertron. Optimus, was originally named Orion Pax, and worked as a sort of accountant. … This is why Megatron refers to Optimus as Brother. They were brothers in war.